The Fine Art Store

Welcome to my store,as an artist I am pleased to share with you some of my latest creations.

ludi3 Ludi The Loggerhead Book $10.50

A wonderfully illustrated book by noted artist Rick Cannizzaro reminds us that God provides for our every need.

Panther Endangered Life Book $15.00

"Endangered Life Exhibit book"This is a wonderful book with images created to help understand the need to protect many endangered and threatened animals.Signed Limited amounts are available.

Ellen Ellens Secret Garden Book $8.95

A wonderful new book for children 5-6 a story of a little turtle that prays for a friend.

Tommybook Tommy Tall Book $12.95

A Wonderful book that tells of a small in size Tommy Tall who is realy small and how his name changes to Tommy Tall

wondering Senor Coqui $8.00

Fun little book that is a blast to read. All childrin enjoy the wild adventures of this little frog.